Access Self Storage

Free Truck and Moving Assistance

We help you move.

FREE Use of our Truck

For half a day to move in. We pay for the gas. You pay a small charge for insurance. Call to reserve. Available at these locations:

Rent a Truck Here

Rent from a national company and pickup and return the truck to where your storage unit is. Most convenient. Use for moving in or out. Available at these locations:

Need Just Labor?

Many of our tenants need labor for loading and carrying heavy items. We can help you find a helping hand. Call your nearest storage location and tell us what you need.

Handtrucks and Rolling Carts

Available at our locations to help you move your things from your truck to your storage unit.

Tips for Loading a Truck

  • Load the truck in sections, making sure heaviest items like appliances go in first.
  • Mattresses and tabletops can slide along the sides.
  • Don’t forget blankets to protect furniture and cardboard to wrap around the vulnerable edges and feet of furniture.
  • Sandwich mirrors and pictures between mattresses and box springs.
  • Always be safe! Lift with your legs bent to keep from straining your back. Position yourself higher on the ramp than loaded dollies and handtrucks, not below them.
  • Separate items requiring frequent access, so that they go into the storage unit last.

Tips for Using a Moving Company

  • Plan for delays. Movers want to get to you on time. Unfortunately, they cannot always tell how long prior moves will take.
  • Be sure to show the movers everything you plan on moving for the most accurate estimate.
  • Ask what additional charges may be added on moving day.
  • Make sure the moving company has insurance and is well-covered.