Access Self Storage

Organize Your Storage Unit

Do you need tips for organizing your storage unit and making the most out of your space?

How Often Will You Visit?

If getting to your things quickly and frequently is important:

  • Leave a walkway to the rear of the storage unit.
  • Put frequently needed items in the unit last and place them near the door.

If you do not need frequent access:

  • Rent a smaller storage unit and pack it full.

Shelving Helps

  • Shelves make it easier to see and reach items.
  • Shelves allow you to stack higher so your storage unit will hold more.
  • You can rent shelving for pennies a day. We assemble it and put it into your storage unit for you.

Remember What’s in Your Storage Unit

  • Number your boxes and list your numbered boxes.
  • Take photos of what is inside each box or list its contents.
  • Take photos or videos of the storage unit as you put things into it.

Smart Ways to Stack

  • Place plastic containers on the bottom and stack cardboard boxes on top.
  • Mark boxes heavy, medium, or light. Heavy boxes go on the bottom and light ones on top.
  • If you have a couch, store it vertically. If the end is curved, place the couch on something sturdy like a wooden box so the curved part overhangs the box and does not bear the full weight of the couch.
  • Stand mattresses and box springs upright, with mirrors and paintings between them.
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.

Make Retrieval Easier

  • Leave a small air space between every item and the walls, as well as an inch of space between boxes.
  • Spacing is good for ventilation and makes it a lot easier to retrieve things.

Call your nearest storage location for more information.