Access Self Storage

Self Storage Unit Shelving

Do you need shelving for your unit?

Rent for Pennies a Day

You can rent our shelves for pennies a day, or buy them.  Your choice.  Even just one shelving unit is an economical solution to better utilize your space.

We Set Them Up

Order shelves when you reserve your storage room, and we will set them up so they will be ready for you when you move in.

Find Items More Easily

Shelves help you keep your things organized and let you clearly see what is in your storage room.

Designed for Self Storage

Our shelving is heavy duty and does not take up much space.  You will not find better shelves for self storage.

Stack Higher

You can fit more into your space because you can stack higher with shelves.

Order Today

Simply call your nearest storage location to order your shelves today, or get them when you visit. Grab some boxes and packing supplies while you are here.