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Access Management Co. delivers peace of mind and profit when it comes to managing your self-storage property.

We’re passionate about self-storage, and it shows. With more than a 40-year track record of success in partnering with entrepreneurs like you, we will market, price, fill, and maintain your facility so you can consistently enjoy maximum revenue.  


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Put our exceptional experience to work for you. Our executive team has over 90 years of experience opening, managing and optimizing self storage facilities.
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Longer rentals mean faster rent-up and more revenue in your pocket. Access exceeds the industry standard by over 113% in tenants who rent for longer than 2 years.
Access’ proven pricing program offers renters a choice of products based on convenience. 25%-35% of renters choose higher priced units. That maximizes your growth.

Access Management – Winning Numbers: 

  • Over 2 million square feet of self-storage has been managed by Access.
  • Access has over 90 years’ experience in self-storage in just our executive team.
  • 25% of all 3rd-party managed storage facilities in Northern New Jersey are managed by Access. 
  • Access exceeds the industry average by 113% in tenants who rent for longer than 2 years.  
  • 25% to 35% of Access renters choose premium units. Again, more revenue for you.

Awards and Serving the Industry

The Access executive team isn’t just knowledgeable…they’re nationally recognized leaders in the self-storage industry. TWO Access employees have served as president of the national Self-Storage Association. When you partner with Access, you get the confidence of knowing you’re partnering with the best in the business.  

  • New Jersey Family Business of the Year award – 2019.
  • Foy Cooley, Co-founder and CEO of Access Self Storage, is a past president of the national Self-Storage Association and a member of the organization’s “Hall of Fame.”
  • James Greco, President of Access Self Storage, served as president of the New Jersey Self Storage Association – 2020.
New Jersey Family Business of the Year award.Self Storage Association logo.New Jersey Self Storage Association logo.

What Access Stands For 

Access Management Co. is purpose-driven. Our values aren’t about US. They’re about how we serve YOU. We’re built on a solid foundation of 29 key values and principles.

Every week, our entire team discusses how one specific value has positively affected their work and lives. Our goal: create a personalized impact that makes a difference…for you and all of our storage customers. 

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