Access Self Storage

How Self Storage Works

Self storage can benefit you in a variety of ways. Whether you’re downsizing your house, moving, decluttering, going through a major life event, or simply need a little more space, self storage is a simple solution when you need additional space for your belongings. If you’re thinking about renting a storage unit, you don’t have to become overwhelmed by the decision-making process. In fact, choosing and renting a self storage unit here at Access Self Storage is quite easy — and it involves a simple three-step process.

Step One: Choose a Unit

The first step in securing a storage unit is choosing the one that’s right for you. At Access Self Storage, we have a variety of units for your specific space and condition requirements.

What Size Do You Need?

Once you determine what items you are storing, it’s time to select a size for your storage unit. Our units come in multiple sizes, from small, closet-sized spaces to large spaces that can hold a garage’s worth of items — even a large car or boat. Check out our full size guide to see how all our unit sizes compare.

What Features Are You Looking For?

In addition to determining storage unit size, you’ll also need to determine what features you want. At Access Self Storage, we have both climate controlled and non-climate controlled units, allowing you to store delicate belongings like electronics or wooden furniture if you need to. In addition, we also offer the choice of outside access or indoor access units — the former is ideal for loading and unloading straight from your car or moving truck. If you’re looking to save some money, ask for one of our Super Saver or In Between units. Both are less expensive than their standard counterparts but have many of the same features

Step Two: Payment and Insurance

Now that you’ve found your optimal storage unit at the location of your choice, it’s time to reserve the unit. Thankfully, reserving a unit and paying your bill at Access Self Storage is easy!

You can also take advantage of our many special offers when completing the rental process. Our offers vary by location, but can include:

  • Free use of moving truck
  • Free lock

In addition to payment, we require insurance coverage on all our storage unit rentals. Some renters’ and homeowners’ insurance covers stored property, but if your insurance does not do so, we can help satisfy your lease obligations with our Self Storage Tenant Insurance Program through our insurance provider, Xercor. Our program offers four levels of coverage limits: $3,000, $4,000, or $5,000, with monthly premiums of $12, $14, or $16, respectively.

Step Three: Move!

After determining what size unit you need, what features it should have, reserving and paying for your unit, and securing insurance for your property, there’s only one thing left to do: move!

Because moving can be a tiring ordeal, we are committed to helping you move your belongings as easily and conveniently as possible. Boxes and other supplies are available for purchase on site in case you need any. To make moving heavy boxes and appliances less of a workout, we provide handtrucks, dollies, and carts free of charge. In addition, our wide driveways allow your vehicle — even a large moving truck — to quickly navigate the facility.

Access Self Storage: Storage Made Easy

Extra storage can help simplify your life and help you through periods of transition — whether you’re a homeowner with lots of clutter, a student needing to stash belongings over the summer, or a retiree looking to downsize. Because these times can be stressful, we make renting your own storage unit as easy and straightforward as possible. So what are you waiting for? Find an Access Self Storage location near you and rent or reserve the unit that fits your needs today!