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College Student Storage Units and Solutions 

Enough of college is spent figuring out what to do with your life. You shouldn’t have to worry about what to do with your belongings through the transitions and unpredictability—like during summer break, after graduation, or in a cramped living situation. 

No matter if you’re a current college student or the parent of one, a shortage of storage space can be an ongoing concern. The storage experts at Access Self Storage are here to offer student storage tips and resources to help streamline your college experience. 

Why Do College Students Need Storage Units? 

Whether it’s electronics, old textbooks, a bicycle, unused furniture, out-of-season clothing, or extra kitchenware that your roommate already has, there are plenty of items you might need to store during college. Aside from potentially living in tight quarters or far away from home, students encounter various scenarios that present a need for self storage, including: 

  • During summer break
  • Between semesters
  • While studying abroad 
  • During a move or between housing leases 
  • For small dorm rooms or apartments 

During Breaks, Between Semesters, or While Studying Abroad

There’s no need to haul all your possessions back home to leave in your family’s basement or garage. Storage units are ideal solutions for those temporary times you won’t be living near your school. Although most residence halls allow students to keep belongings in the dorms during fall, winter, and spring breaks, summer storage for college students is often necessary between academic years. In addition, if you’re living in another country during a study abroad program, a self storage site close to campus can ensure your things are waiting for you as soon as you return. 

While You’re Moving or Between Leases 

Moving out of the dorms and in with roommates or family? Have a gap between the time you leave one apartment rental and move into the next? A storage unit to house all your items gives you space and time as you transition into your new home and the months following. 

To Create Space in a Dorm or Apartment 

College student housing situations typically don’t have the room for your lifetime’s worth of belongings. No matter if you’re living in an off-campus apartment or somewhere on campus, self storage provides a perfect solution to ensure anything you need is just a short drive away. Sharing a place with roommates that lacks storage space? Share the cost of a storage unit for everyone to use!

What Features & Benefits Make Student Storage Convenient? 

When it comes to storage in college, finding flexible facility features is a must. At Access Self Storage, we provide:

  • Daily facility access hours for tenants every day of the week, from dawn until dark
  • Month-to-month leasing with online storage rental and payment options 
  • Moving help including carts and dollies, free truck usage, and assistance finding moving labor at many facilities 
  • Packing supplies and moving materials sold on site—including boxes of all sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, wrapping paper, and more 
  • Storage security measures such as quality locks, video camera surveillance, electronic gate entry codes, and individual unit alarms at many facilities 

Climate-Controlled Storage vs. Drive-Up Unit Access 

There are several variations and types of storage units fit for student storage. However, the main question usually boils down to whether you need indoor self storage with climate control or a garage-style unit with ground-floor access. Both come with pros and cons depending on your storage scenario. 

Will you be storing items that are sensitive to temperature or humidity? Examples include (but are not limited to) electronics, wooden furniture, leather materials, musical instruments, artwork, decor, and important papers or documents. If so, consider a climate-controlled storage unit, which will maintain the temperature within a specific range and help prevent damage from moisture, mildew, the elements, and weather conditions. 

Otherwise, a more standard self storage option may work best for your needs and budget. Drive-up storage units are more affordable and provide quicker access to your space when you visit the facility; simply pull your vehicle directly up to the unit door to load or unload your belongings. 

Storage Facilities for Colleges in New Jersey

Access Self Storage is proud to support students with the space they need while furthering their education. Here are some of our facilities that serve major colleges plus others in the area:

Don’t see your school listed? We might still offer student storage near you—check out our full list of storage facility locations in New Jersey and New York. 

Quick Organization & Storage Tips for Students 

To maximize space and reduce clutter in your college dorm or apartment: 

  • Take advantage of vertical space on walls to install floating shelves or hooks for holding smaller items.
  • Get the most out of your closet space with drawers, hanging organizers, and over-the-door hooks.
  • Instead of folding them, roll the clothing you keep in drawers so they’re more compact and easier to access. 
  • Under-the-bed storage is your friend; if possible, consider lofting your dorm room bed to create a mini kitchen space or a cozy nook for studying or relaxing. 
  • Maintain an organized desk or another workstation free of excess clutter so you can stay focused. 

To maximize space while keeping your storage unit organized and accessible:

  • Label each box on all sides with its contents.
  • Keep an inventory list of what’s in each box. 
  • Place items you need the least often in the back.
  • Leave some space between rows of belongings so you have room to walk.
  • Add shelving to the back of the unit for storing small, fragile, or oddly-shaped items.
  • Create a floor plan, making note of where everything is. 

FAQs About College Student Storage Units 

What size storage unit do I need for a dorm room?

The most common, standard self storage sizes suited for students include: 

  • 5×5 storage units – 25 square feet is about the size of a walk-in closet and can fit several small pieces of furniture, plenty of boxes, and other smaller items. This unit size can accommodate most dorm storage needs. 
  • 5×10 storage units – 50 square feet allows room for larger furniture, such as sofas and mattresses, as well as space for all your other belongings. This unit size is a great option for students who are moving out of an apartment for the summer. 
  • 10×10 storage units – 100 square feet is about half the size of a standard one-car garage. These units can store the contents of a one- or two-bedroom apartment.

Looking to store only a trunk-load of boxes, college books, seasonal clothing, or other compact items? Locker-sized storage units are available at some facilities, starting as small as 3×5 square feet. Reference our handy unit size guide to help you decide how much space you need.

How can I save money on a student storage unit?

There are several ways to minimize the cost of self storage. For one, some amenities (like climate control) add to the cost of your storage unit. If temperature regulation is not a concern for the items or amount of time you’re storing them, you can opt for a simpler unit. Also, sharing a unit with a roommate or friend can allow you to split the cost in half and save a good chunk of change. And, speaking of friends, you can get a referral reward credit when you recommend one of our storage locations to someone! Be sure to ask your local facility about any discounts or rental specials that might be available. 

Is there a minimum length of stay for your self storage rentals? 

At Access, our storage leases operate on a month-to-month basis. There are no time restrictions; you may end the lease at any time or stay for as long as you need.