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RV and Boat Storage

Are you a recreational vehicle or boat owner facing challenges locating a secure and convenient location to store your vehicle? Access Self Storage offers numerous reliable and flexible vehicle storage...

Are you a recreational vehicle or boat owner facing challenges locating a secure and convenient location to store your vehicle? Access Self Storage offers numerous reliable and flexible vehicle storage options to help you free up space at home, be it your garage, driveway, or street parking. Our enclosed and outdoor storage spaces for cars, boats, and RVs are available at many locations across New Jersey and New York.

Types of Boat and RV Storage

Access Self Storage understands the diverse needs of customers across New Jersey and New York. We proudly offer budget-friendly and convenient storage solutions for boats and RVs. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring your storage experience is effortless and hassle-free. The storage options we have for vehicles like RV and boat storage include:

  • Uncovered storage. This option is the most affordable, providing an outdoor, uncovered storage space in a secure, fully fenced lot for renters to park their oversized vehicles, such as RVs, boats, and trailers.
  • Covered storage. Our covered storage solution is a viable choice for individuals seeking additional protection. This option offers a protected outdoor parking space shielded by a roof in a secure parking area.
  • Enclosed storage. We offer indoor, enclosed storage units for those looking for the ultimate protection for their small to medium-sized vehicles. These units are perfect for storing small boats, motorcycles, cars, ATVs, and more. Our drive-up units make the drop-off and pickup process as easy as possible. We also offer climate-controlled options at select locations to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

Types of vehicle storage vary by location.

Benefits of RV and Boat Storage

Access Self Storage offers exceptional storage solutions for your boats and RVs in New Jersey and New York. These facilities provide premier security features, so you can rest assured that your valuable vessel is secure and protected. Unlike street parking or in an unsecured lot, renting space from one of our Access Self Storage facilities ensures your watercraft or RV is in good hands.

We understand that many homeowners associations prohibit parking your recreational vehicle in a driveway or on the street, which can lead to significant fees. Save money by renting a vehicle storage space with Access to avoid high charges. Our enclosed storage provides additional protection from harsh weather conditions such as rain, hail, and direct sunlight. This coverage is especially beneficial if you own a high-value boat, classic car, or other vehicle, as it can extend its life span and maintain its good condition even during periods of non-use.

Self Storage Locations With Boat and RV Storage

We have 11 self storage locations across New Jersey and New York that offer recreational vehicle storage. These facilities include:

Rent Self Storage for Your RV or Boat From Access Self Storage Today

Access Self Storage has several vehicle storage facilities available if you are looking for a trustworthy and secure place to store your boat or RV in New Jersey or New York. Contact us if you’re ready to get started! You can also browse our FAQ page online or explore our helpful blog for additional storage solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat and RV Storage

How secure is Access Self Storage?

Access Self Storage offers numerous security features to provide a secure environment for your valuable vehicles. Select storage facilities are armed with individually alarmed storage units, and we also have special locks and surveillance cameras to provide maximum protection. Our storage facilities have electronic gated entries and unique pass codes to ensure that only authorized individuals can enter the premises.

Why do I need vehicle storage?

Choosing the proper storage for your boat or RV is crucial to protecting it from harsh weather conditions. At Access Self Storage, we offer a secure and affordable storage facility. With our covered storage options, you can rest assured that your precious vehicles are shielded from weather damage. Our extra-large storage units accommodate boats and smaller vehicles in enclosed spaces, providing a secure environment.

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Access Self Storage provides an extensive range of storage units available across our 11 facilities, including boat and RV storage. Our storage unit size guide can help you find the perfect space for your needs.