Access Self Storage

Self Storage Unit Types

Depending on the quantity and types of items you have — or how frequently you’ll need to access them — there’s a lot you might be looking for in a storage unit. Luckily, our facilities feature a range of amenities to accommodate your belongings during their stay. Whether you’re seeking climate control, an outdoor unit, or storage space that will fit into your budget, Access Self Storage has you covered. Learn about the types of units we offer.


Premier protection for your things

Throughout the seasons, New York and New Jersey weather can range from frigid to sweltering. That’s why we keep our climate-controlled storage units between 50 and 80 degrees all year round. When you’re looking to stow away sensitive items, the last thing you want to be worried about is potential damage due to extreme weather. The following kinds of items will do best in climate control:

  • Electronics
  • Keepsakes
  • Antiques
  • Décor
  • Furniture
  • Medicines
  • Musical instruments


Affordable option for storing the basics

However, it’s not always necessary to invest in a climate-controlled unit. Chances are, the types of items that would survive in your garage will also be suited for storage without climate control. In addition, these units are often outdoor-accessible, allowing you to drive directly up to the unit for quick and easy loading or unloading. Although they don’t offer temperature regulation, they cost less than climate-controlled spaces.


Most convenient for moving in and out

Outdoor, drive-up units offer the benefit of an efficient move-in and move-out experience, as well as quick and convenient access to your stuff whenever you need it. You can easily unload your car or truck directly into your storage unit, and at some locations, you may even store vehicles such as cars, small trucks, small boats, motorcycles, and ATVs inside the units. Our Woodbridge, NJ and Bernardsville, NJ storage facilities offer drive-up rentals that are also climate-controlled.


Excellent for frequent access

When the rain, snow, or another form of precipitation is coming down outside, you’ll be glad that you and your belongings are inside — especially when you need to pull things out of your storage unit and into the aisle. With an indoor unit, you won’t have to worry about unfavorable weather putting a damper on your move-in day. Plus, you can guarantee you’ll never be too uncomfortable while rearranging, retrieving, or sifting through your stored items. Many of our indoor units are also climate-controlled, so be sure to check your nearest facility for details.

In-Between Sizes

When a standard size isn’t quite right

If a standard-sized storage unit isn’t quite big enough but the next-largest size is too big, ask about an “in-between” size. For instance, if a 10×10 unit is too small for your needs and a 10×15 is too spacious, many of our storage locations can offer you an in-between size, like a 10×12 unit. This way, you’re only paying for exactly how much space you need.

Super Savers

Our best money-saving units

Super Savers are our lowest-cost storage units because something about them is slightly different than others, such as an angular wall or a post inside the unit. These are big bargains for the usable space. Contact the facility nearest you for further details and availability.


Perfect for a few small items

These floor areas may be as large as a 5×5 unit, but the height is typically 4 feet. For optimal savings, our Norwood, NJ and Woodbridge, NJ locations have lockers on top of 8-foot-high storage units that can be reached by a rolling staircase. Locker-sized units are ideal for storing more compact items such as:

  • Seasonal décor
  • Off-season clothing
  • Gardening equipment
  • Small tables or dressers
  • Sports gear
  • Several boxes

Outdoor Parking

Saves space in your garage or driveway

Outdoor parking spaces come in different sizes, and rent varies month-to-month, so contact your storage location for availability. No matter if you’re lacking driveway space or looking to put away your RV or boat until your next outing, we can serve as a central location for your vehicles until you need them again.

Unique Units Fit to Your Unique Needs

Just like everyone has different types of possessions, everyone has their own definition of “convenience.” At Access Self Storage, we strive to give you the flexibility you’re seeking in your storage experience with diverse storage units to fit your preferences. Browse our full list New York and New Jersey locations for a facility near you, then reserve your unit today!