Access Self Storage

Self Storage Unit Security

We watch out for you with the best security systems in the industry.

Safety Starts with People

Most of the staff working at your storage location have worked there for more than 5 years.  They know their tenants and their properties well.  They quickly sense when something is not right and take action.

Individually-Alarmed Units

This is the highest level of security in our industry, available at many of our storage locations.  To our knowledge, no other self storage company in our markets provides this exceptional system for their tenants.

Only Authorized Tenants Allowed in Storage Areas

At most of our storage locations, you must have a passcode to get through the gates or into your unit without setting off an alarm.

Special Locks

Special locks are another layer of security that we provide for free at many locations, to be sure your things are safe.  

Surveillance Cameras

We have them placed strategically at every storage location.

Call your nearest storage location for more information.