Storage Unit Types

Climate Controlled

Best protection for your things
We keep these storage units under 80 degrees in summer and above 50 degrees in winter. Items like electronics, antiques, paintings, medicines and more do best in climate controlled rooms.

Non-Climate Controlled

Good option for saving money
These storage units do not have controlled temperatures and can get very hot in summer and cold in winter. They cost less than climate controlled units.


The most convenient to move into
These are great for unloading your car or truck directly into your storage unit. At some storage locations, you can store vehicles in these rooms – like cars, small trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and smaller boats. Our Woodbridge, NJ and Bernardsville, NJ storage locations offer drive-up rooms that are also climate controlled.

Bernardsville self storage facility

Indoor Storage Units

Excellent for frequent access
When it is raining or snowing outside, you will be glad that you and your things are inside. Especially when you need to pull things out of your storage unit and into the aisle.

In-Between Sizes

Help you save money
When a standard size storage unit is not quite large enough but the next larger size is too big, ask for an “in-between” size. For example, if a 10’x10’ unit is too small for you and a 10’ x 15’ is too large, many of our storage locations can offer you an in-between size, like a 10’x12’ unit.

Super Savers

Our best money-saving units
Super Savers are our lowest-cost storage units because something about them is different, like having a post in the unit or an angular wall. These storage units are big bargains for the usable space.


Perfect for a few small items
The floor area may be as large as a 5’ x 5’ unit, but the height is typically 4’. For extreme savings, our Norwood, NJ and Woodbridge, NJ locations have lockers on top of 8’ high storage units that can be reached by a rolling staircase.

Outside Parking

Outside parking spaces come in different sizes and rent month-to-month. Contact your storage location for availability of the type and size you need.


* All advertised unit sizes are approximate and occupant’s unit may be smaller than advertised.