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Boxes and Supplies

Save Time and Money

Get all your boxes and packing supplies in one trip at one of our storage locations.  Call in your order and we will have it all assembled and ready when you arrive.  Our boxes cost a lot less than what movers charge for them.

Boxes and packing supplies

How Many Boxes Do You Need?

Most people underestimate the number of boxes they will need, so it’s better to buy extra boxes to save yourself multiple trips. We will take back what you do not use. Our storage specialists can help you decide how many to get, or you can use this chart as a guide.

Unit Size Small Medium Large Wardrobe Dishpak
5’x5′ 6 2 1 1 1
5’x10′ 10 4 2 2 1
5’x15′ 14 6 4 3 2
10’x10′ 18 10 6 4 2
10’x15′ 24 16 9 6 3
10’x20′ 30 22 12 8 4
10’x30′ 45 35 16 10 5

Why Use New Boxes?

They are clean and sturdy and stack more efficiently because they come in uniform sizes.

Hard-to-Find Specialty Boxes

You won’t find these at the big box stores:

  • Dishpaks: Especially sturdy for your valuable china and crystal.
  • Wardrobe boxes: Perfect for hanging clothes that you do not want to fold.
  • Mirror boxes: They telescope to fit your mirror or painting.
  • Electronics boxes:  Heavy duty boxes specially designed to protect your valuable electronics.

Bubble Wrap

For fragile items, you cannot beat bubble wrap.  Large-boxed rolls of 150 to 175 feet are the best value.  For dishes and china or glasses and cups, try our foam inserts – which fit into large dishpak boxes.

Uninked Paper

This paper does not stain what you wrap in it the way newspapers do.  It is also useful for wrapping legs of tables and chairs to prevent scratches.  It comes in 10 lb. value packs, which go a long way.

Mattress Covers and More

We have furniture covers for chairs, sofas and mattresses of all sizes.  Packing peanuts, sealing tape, tape dispensers, work gloves, labels – you name it.  If it’s needed for packing and moving, we have it waiting for you.

Call your nearest storage location for more information.