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How to Handle Your Last-Minute Move

Whether the last month of your lease snuck up on you, you’ve been offered a new job in a different city, or some other major life development has emerged to force your hand, you might need to move with short notice. Even with a month to plan, those days leading up to a big move can be stressful, draining, and frustrating, with all those feelings likely to be worse the shorter your window is to make preparations. Fortunately, Access Self Storage is here to help you keep your head on your shoulders with these last-minute moving and packing tips. 

Moving Storage Tips

First Things First: Relax

It might sound difficult, but when you’re coming up on an urgent deadline like this, it’s important that you maintain your emotional composure. With all this new, unwanted stress, it’s easy to let your emotions get away from you.

As much as you can, try to keep calm. Try to avoid thinking about everything you need to do and focus on the one thing you should do next. Divide bigger tasks into smaller tasks so they’re easier to complete and you can build momentum. Don’t forget to take breaks to rest. Just because there’s a lot to do doesn’t mean you have to do it all right this minute. Keeping organized and in control is our key moving tip when things come down to the wire.

Make a List, Check it Twice

woman looking at moving list

Lists always make moving and packing easier. Not only do they keep things organized but they also prevent you from forgetting any big things. An easy way to make a moving checklist is to write down each room in your home and create tasks that need to be completed in each room. You can also create a timeline and complete things in the order they need to be done. For instance, contacting a moving company might be at the beginning of your list while cleaning might be at the end. However you decide to format your list, it is sure to help make things easy.

Leave What You Don’t Need

While it might be tempting to throw everything in a box and go, it’s not the smartest idea. Before you start packing, go through your belongings and get rid of anything that you don’t need anymore. Because it is last-minute, you don’t need to be super precise, but downsizing your load will help with your move.

Pack a Suitcase

woman packing suitcase

You’re probably thinking, “I’m moving, not going on vacation, what do I need a suitcase for?” Packing a suitcase with some clothes, toiletries, and other essentials will help make the first few days in your new home much easier. It’ll prevent you from having to rummage through your packed boxes for a clean shirt.

Packing and Moving Tips 

Did you know that the moving and packing supplies you use during your move can help you stay organized and can even help protect your belongings during the transition process?  There are several different types of moving and packing supplies that will help make your moving experience a smooth one.

Boxes and Bins

Boxes and similar containers (baskets, plastic bins, etc.) are the most essential element of any move. Storage facilities, like Access Self Storage, offer boxes of all sizes right at the leasing office. Alternatively, you can also check out your local grocery and convenience stores and see if you can find used and broken-down boxes there for purchase. When packing boxing, be sure to label them with what room they belong to. This will make organizing and unpacking way easier in the long run.


Don’t forget to protect your tables, chairs, and other furniture during the move by using furniture pads, dust covers, mattress covers, and more. If you don’t have the time to go buy these supplies, blankets, and bedsheets also work well to protect your furniture from knicks, scratches, and dust.

Rent a Self Storage Unit

Now that all your belongings are packed up and on the way to your new home, the next thing you need is ample space to move things in and out of your house. A self storage unit at Access Self Storage is a helpful resource while you figure out the best way to organize your new home. With quick accessibility and flexible month-to-month leases, you can move belongings in and out of a self storage unit as you bring your home up to speed. If you finish moving and realize you don’t have as much space as you thought, no worries. There are plenty of different unit sizes, so if needed, you can reduce the size of your unit and hold whatever you don’t have space for, knowing that your belongings will be in safe hands.

Don’t Sweat It, Access Has You Covered

With facilities in three different states, Access Self Storage has plenty of locations available for those who need high-quality storage in a hurry. If you’re moving to Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York, last-minute self storage is right around the corner. Let us help take some of that burden off your shoulders and facilitate a clean, easy move into your new home. Rent or reserve your storage unit at Access Self Storage today!

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