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How to Maximize Space in Your Tiny Home

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You’ve heard of them, you’ve seen them, and you might even live in one right now: tiny homes, the booming lifestyle trend that feels like it’s taking over the world. As the popularity of these compact homes continues to rise and more people start transitioning into a space-conscious lifestyle, it leaves a lot of people wondering what to do with their current belongings. After all, if the goal is to downsize, chances are they won’t be able to bring everything they currently own with them. For some, that would defeat the point.

This leaves prospective or existing tiny homeowners with a couple of options. They either have to sell their belongings, give them away, find clever ways to fit them into their new home or put them away into temporary storage. In this blog, we want to cover those last two.

Access Self Storage has been in the storage business for a while, and we have some tiny home storage ideas for making space where it feels like there’s not enough. We also want to point you toward an effective self storage option that will allow you to keep anything too valuable or sentimental to sell, but that you don’t have space for in your new home.

Tiny Home Storage Ideas

Tiny homes come in all shapes, sizes, aesthetic choices, and locations. Because of this, certain ideas will be more applicable than others, but we want to draw attention to some of the ones we think have the most universal appeal.

Maximize Vertical Space

Decorations on white cabinet with fireplace in apartment.

With limited square footage available, your vertical space is invaluable and highly versatile.

If you’re a collector of books, then floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are a must. Even if you can’t or don’t want to fill up each shelf full with books, the remaining empty space allows a lot of room for you to touch up your interior design choices. Bookshelves are also great for family photos, plants, clocks, and other tasteful paperweights.

You could also consider adding a loft, which would function as its own separate living space above another existing space. One application of this could be installing a small sleeping space over your kitchen. If it’s practical, there’s nothing stopping you from adding multiple lofts, wherever they’ll fit.

If your tiny home has stairs, definitely take advantage of that natural vertical space. If they space beneath the stairs isn’t open or is walled off, consider installing shelves to create space where it didn’t exist before.

If there’s any available wall space remaining, you can add additional cabinets and shelves to your heart’s content. There are so many different styles for these types of small space storage options that you’ll have plenty of creative license over your living space.

Turn Doors into Sliding Walls

Wood sliding door in apartment.

This tiny home idea doesn’t technically create more space but is more about creating the feeling of greater space. In replacing your existing doors with sliding walls, you keep the option of privacy, while also facilitating an open floorplan when it suits you. The same can be accomplished with curtains.

Alternatively, you can create walls made of glass panels to mimic this illusion of space, if installing sliding walls isn’t practical in your setup.

Make Hollow Space Your Space

Kitchen walls, ottomans, floorboards—there are storage ideas available all around your, available in otherwise hollow, empty locations. Try installing retractable drawers for appliances in your kitchen to save on countertop space, buy an ottoman with interior storage, or even make a secret alcove under some floorboards if it doesn’t compromise the home too much. There are some practical considerations to consider with each of these, but the important part is that you do consider them, and wonder at the possible ways you could expand where you live.

Quality Storage Units with Access Self Storage

Servicing Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey for nearly 50 years, our storage professionals at Access Self Storage have committed to creating your optimal self storage experience. We understand our business relies on our customers having absolute peace of mind, which is why we’ve taken every stride available toward the best security features, the cleanest storage unit facilities, and the easiest customer service possible.

We love the economic utility of tiny homes, often teeming with personality, and want to help you with any spacing shortages you’ve come up against. Sometimes, no matter how smart or efficient your storage ideas are, you simply don’t have room for everything, especially large furniture.

That’s where we come in. With a variety of different sizing options available to meet your needs (check out everything our Oakland, NJ location has to offer for an example!) we want to help you facilitate your best tiny home living experience, with as little hassle as possible.

Find the location nearest to you, so we can start making space in your tiny home today!

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