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Can Self Storage Help You Manage Your Etsy Business?

Starting and growing a small business on Etsy takes more planning and strategy than you might think, especially when it comes to managing inventory. However, if you’re starting an Etsy...

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Starting and growing a small business on Etsy takes more planning and strategy than you might think, especially when it comes to managing inventory. However, if you’re starting an Etsy business or are looking for ways to grow your Etsy business, a self storage unit could help

If you are running your Etsy business out of your home, a self storage unit can help you free up space and help you stay organized. We have provided five ways a self-storage unit can help you manage your Etsy business. Following these steps gives you a better chance of growing your business. 

How a Self Storage Unit Can Help You Manage Your Etsy Business

Many artists and small online businesses utilize Etsy to sell their products. As demand increases for your business, so does the demand for materials and supplies. Having a self storage unit can give you the opportunity to continue growing without having to worry about filling up your home with materials. Utilizing a self storage unit can help you manage your Etsy business in the following ways:

  • You can store your inventory
  • You can purchase supplies in bulk
  • Better organization
  • It promotes growth
  • You can ensure your inventory is protected

By following these steps, you could have a better chance at growing your Etsy business and having a better work-life balance.

A woman opens a box and reaches for its content inside her storage unit

You Can Store Your Inventory

Depending on the size of your products, inventory can take up a lot of space in your home. Keeping your inventory in a self storage unit can free up space in your home or office. You can also stay more organized if you have the space to come up with an organizational flow within your storage unit.

Access Self Storage provides many unit sizes for you to choose from. You can ensure you have enough space to store your Etsy small business inventory. Our extended access hours allow you to get to your belongings when needed.

You Can Purchase Supplies in Bulk

With a self storage unit, you can take advantage of bulk sales and discounts. You won’t have to worry about the extra items taking up space in your home. Based on the volume of inventory you have, you can choose a storage unit size that fits everything you have.

Buying supplies in bulk can save you hundreds of dollars in costs. By increasing your profit margins, you can make more money through your Etsy shop.

Better Organization

You can significantly increase your organization with our self storage units. Small Etsy businesses run much smoother when there is an organized process. You can create better systems, so you always know what is running low and what you need more of. It can also increase efficiency so you can produce and ship inventory faster.

Your entire life as a whole is more organized with a self storage unit because you can separate work and home. In addition, by having a designated space for your work, you can increase productivity.

A man and women reviewing inventory, surrounded by boxes

Promotes Growth

A huge benefit of self storage units is that they promote growth. When you can work more efficiently because you’re more organized, you have a better chance of your shop growing. Having a small space for all of your inventory can limit the amount you can have at a time.

Having the extra space to grow your Etsy shop can help you reach your fullest potential. You can have room to spread out your inventory, so you always know how much you have.

Protects Your Inventory

Keeping your inventory in a self storage unit is a way to ensure it stays safe. At Access Self Storage, we are committed to keeping your belongings safe when you store them with us. We have the best security systems in the industry to ensure your things stay safe. Safety features we offer include:

  • Individually alarmed units
  • Only authorized tenants are allowed in the storage areas
  • Special locks that can only be drilled out 
  • Surveillance cameras

Most of the staff have worked at our storage locations for a long time and know our tenants and properties well. We can quickly sense if something isn’t right in any situation. Our team will take action to ensure we protect your things.

Access Self Storage Can Help With Your Etsy Small Business

At Access Self Storage, we are passionate about helping people and care about you and your things. We will always do our best to ensure you have the best storage experience possible. Our team listens and learns what our customers value most and meets those needs. In addition, we offer extended access hours and free package acceptance to promote convenience.

Find a location near you to learn more about our storage units. A member of our team can provide information about available units. You won’t find a greater dedication to customer care anywhere.

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