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What and Where to Donate to Those in Need This Holiday Season

We at Access Self Storage understand that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can still end up collecting more physical clutter than you intended. Aunt Helen’s chair may become more of an obstacle than an heirloom. That box of your sister’s dishes you thought you needed? You don’t want them anymore. And neither does your sister!


Whether you’re compelled to do a little seasonal cleaning or a purge of your storage unit, you’ll likely end up with household items you don’t need any longer. Especially in the midst of the holiday season, we urge you to find a charitable organization to which to donate furniture, clothing, toys, and other gently used belongings. It doesn’t have to be complicated; there are various local groups that even offer donation pickup services at your home, porch, or curb.

No matter if you live near New York City or North Jersey, here’s where to start finding out how and where you can donate in New York and New Jersey.

Donate Clothing, Furniture, and Household Items in New Jersey

If you’re in New Jersey and looking to donate old clothes, furniture, household appliances, or a combination of these things, consider the following charitable organizations. Some can perform pickups at your residence, and if you have items that aren’t in the condition to be donated, the organizations may be able to recycle them instead.

Donate Clothing, Furniture, and Household Items in New York

If you reside in New York and have furniture, appliances, or clothes donations to give, consider the following organizations. Partnered with local New York charities, organizations that offer pickup services aim to either donate or recycle items whenever possible.

Find the Space to Fit Your Needs, However Big or Small

Have items of your own that you’d eventually like to donate? Hosting a donation drive yourself and need a place for some of the contributions? What about the rest of your stuff in storage that you still want to keep after making donations—does it leave you paying for a larger storage unit than you need?

Don’t sweat it. Serving residents, business, and students with self storage in New York and New Jersey, Access knows that storage needs change all the time. At any of our storage facilities, you can transfer to a more suitable storage size at any time. There is no fee for our customers to transfer their items to a smaller or larger rental. Find a unit at your nearest facility and rent online today, or contact your current facility to discuss transferring to a new storage space!

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