Why Winter Tires Are Key to a Smooth Ride

Living in Wayne, NJ means dealing with heavy snow and icy roads every winter. Preparing your car for winter with added antifreeze, a new battery, and winter tires can help mean the difference between sitting on the side of the road and making it home after work. If you normally use all-season tires or bring out the chains every winter, Access Self Storage has a few reasons why switching to winter tires is the better choice and how our storage units can help when storing tires for any season.

3 Reasons to Switch to Winter Tires

You’ll get better traction.

All-season and summer tires become hard when it gets cold outside. Because traction depends on how much rubber grips the road, you’ll need a tire that’s made to stay soft and malleable when the temperatures drop. Winter tires will provide more traction and help to keep your car on the road in snowy and icy conditions.

You’ll see better performance.

More traction means better overall performance from your car. The car won’t slip and slide and send the engine into convulsions every time you hit an ice patch. You’ll also see better gas mileage throughout the winter thanks to tires that are made for those conditions.

You’ll have greater reliability.

Hard tires are more prone to punctures from potholes and debris in the road. Though chains on your tires can help improve traction, they’re not ideal for summer tires; they can also damage the roads and your car. Chains are legal in New Jersey in some circumstances, but it’s always best to equip your vehicle with winter tires if you want the most reliable ride.

How to Store Your Tires for the Season

When you switch out your tires, you’ll want to keep them in a place with a consistent temperature. You don’t want to store them somewhere that’s too cold or too hot. For that reason, storage units are the ideal choice for keeping your tires protected no matter the season. Visit Access Self Storage in Wayne, NJ to reserve a storage unit for your tires this winter season.