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How To Renovate Your Home on a Budget

So your home is in need of a refresh, but it just isn’t in the budget. After all, a home remodel costs a fortune, right? It doesn’t have to! From...

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So your home is in need of a refresh, but it just isn’t in the budget. After all, a home remodel costs a fortune, right?

It doesn’t have to!

From perking up tired bedrooms to spicing up a dull kitchen, try these home renovation tips to stay on budget while getting the look you want.

Tips for DIY Kitchen Renovation

Some say that the kitchen is the heart of the house. These tips will help you give your kitchen a fresh look without breaking the bank.

Change Up the Cabinets

Since your cabinets pretty much dominate this room, make them shine. You don’t have to invest in new cabinets, though. Give them a fresh coat of paint and add new knobs and pulls for a dramatic change.

Make a (Back)Splash

Adding a backsplash is another way to transform the busiest room in the house. From mosaics to geometric shapes, you can give your kitchen a major boost without a major outlay—especially if you opt for peel-and-stick styles.

Live the Island Life

For a kitchen island without the hefty price tag, transform an old dresser or bookshelves by adding casters. Or build your own custom island from scrap or barn wood. You can find instructions or buy plans cheaply online.

Beautify Your Bedroom

Transform your bedroom into an oasis with a few decorating changes and luxe accents. These ideas will make you want to go to bed early every night.

  • A faux tray ceiling
  • Your own custom (DIY) headboard
  • A window seat or small, serene seating area
  • Artfully arranged, splurge-worthy throw pillows

A few luxurious touches can make all the difference. Create interest with a variety of textures—no major rebuilds required!

Give Your Bathrooms a Boost

A modern-looking bathroom with a double vanity and a glass-doored shower

Bathrooms are the perfect place to try out home renovation DIY projects. They’re small, so you won’t have to spend much on materials. You can also experiment with colors more because you can quickly fix a shade you don’t like. Try these ideas:

  • New or vintage medicine cabinet
  • Peel-and-stick faux marble or tile floors
  • Invest in or make a cedar or bamboo bath mat
  • Try out wallpaper in a bold or colorful print
  • Embellish a boring shower curtain with fun trim
  • Attach stylish hooks to a finished board as a towel bar alternative

New towels can also make a big difference; this is one area where you can have fun with color or patterns without risking a lot of money.

Create a Lovelier Living Room

Lighting goes a long way in the living room. Update fixtures for an inexpensive yet dramatic update. Install dimmer switches to create mood lighting or add a little excitement to family movie nights. Give furnishings, environment, windows, and walls a makeover with these home renovation DIY projects:

  • Install indoor shutters
  • Create an accent or gallery wall
  • Freshen furniture with slipcovers
  • Invest in a chic new coffee table
  • Clean the air and beautify the room with plants
  • Accent sofas and loveseats with new throws and pillows

Consider adding bookshelves and entertainment centers with spaces for bins to help keep your gorgeous new living or family room organized.

Create a Designer Dining Room

Modern dining room with an abstract light fixture and backlit bookshelves

Sometimes the dining room gets neglected when it comes to home remodels. Make family dinners even more enjoyable with these easy, inexpensive home renovation tips:

  • Spruce up walls with faux wainscoting
  • Paint a boring or dingy dining table and chairs
  • Replace your overhead lighting with a chandelier
  • Pick up beautiful vintage china for a song at estate sales or thrift stores

Have fun swapping out items in your china cabinet or on your buffet. Centerpieces are also great for letting your dining room shine and express your style.

Other rooms you should consider renovating or remodeling are the nursery, the laundry room, and the home office.

Tips for Staying Organized

Messiness can detract from even the most beautifully designed and furnished home. Help keep disarray at bay and enjoy the simplicity of organization with these post-home renovation tips:

  • Do seasonal purges to prevent clutter from accumulating
  • Always wash dishes and clean the sink before going to bed
  • Place attractive bins in every room for effortless end-of-day tidying
  • Spend a set amount of time tidying or decluttering different spaces around your home
  • Use furniture with storage (think ottomans, benches, and coffee tables) in common areas

Not only will your home look amazing when you stay on top of routine household clutter, but life is a lot easier when you can find what you need because every object has a home. Self storage offers a place for those bulky or infrequently used but important items that take up space in most households.

Renovate Your Home With Access Self Storage

If you’re about to start a DIY home renovation project, you’re likely going to need a lot of supplies and a lot of space. Access Self Storage is the perfect solution to store your extra home renovation supplies without cluttering up your house.

Access Self Storage offers secure storage units in Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, and New York. Our conveniently located facilities are well maintained and offer passcode access, abundant lighting, video surveillance, and even individually alarmed units. We offer affordable spaces and referral bonuses, so reserve a unit today and bring a friend!

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