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I Don’t Want That Anymore

At Access Self Storage, we understand that storage needs change. Sometimes Aunt Helen’s chair becomes more of an obstacle than an heirloom. Or that box of your sister’s dishes you thought you needed? You don’t want them anymore. And neither does your sister! So you’re compelled to do a little spring cleaning in your storage unit, and you decide to get rid of those items you don’t need any longer.


But what about the rest of the items in your storage unit, the one you want to keep? Now you have extra space in the unit and you’re paying for a unit size that’s larger than you need.


If you’re with Access Self Storage, you don’t have to! At all of our storage centers you can transfer to a more suitable size any time. There is no fee to transfer, and our customers can move their items to a smaller or larger unit depending on whether you’re adding or removing items. Most people tend to reassess their storage needs about once a year.


For items that are difficult to dispose of, we recommend the following options:


Old computers, televisions and small electronics: Access has partnered with Advanced Recovery Inc., a recycling company that will take these old electronics and recycle them safely and securely. The items can be dropped off at any Access Self Storage location. Just give your local office a call with any questions.


Furniture, clothing and household items: We strongly urge that you find a charitable organization to donate your gently used items to. You would be helping people in need, and by recycling your items, you would be helping the environment. You can find a listing of charitable organizations by clicking on one of the following links:


Furniture/Household Items

In NJ: Recycling NJ

In NY: Donate Furniture in NY



In NJ: Clothing Donations NJ

in NY: Clothing Donations NY


If the items do not warrant being recycled, there are many removal businesses that will come and discard the items for you. A quick internet search will help you find many in your area.