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A Clutter-Free Kitchen: Self Storage for Cooking Supplies

Your quest to become a cooking expert in Bernardsville, NJ is going to be one tough road in a cluttered kitchen. Pots and pans add up, small appliances take up counter space, and utensils overflow from the drawers. Even the top chefs need space in which to cook without having to fumble around clutter. Access Self Storage has a few tips for gaining space by moving some items to a storage unit.

Storage Tips

Self Storage Tips for Your Kitchen Items

Protect your fragile items.

If the glassware takes up too much space in your cabinets, it’s time to move it to storage. Wrap the glasses and cups in bubble wrap or a durable packing paper to protect them during the move and while they’re tucked away in a storage unit. Silverware tarnishes over time, so wrap it in newspaper to keep it shiny even after being stowed away for months.

Nest your pots, pans, and bowls.

Nesting your pots and pans within one another is a great way to save space in the kitchen. You can also nest your bowls and have even more space for newer cooking items. Pots and pans have awkward shapes and are difficult to pack. Nesting these items makes it easier to fit them all in a larger box when placing them in our storage units.

Place small appliances in plastic bins.

Those who say you can’t have too many appliances have never had a small kitchen. Before you move these items to storage, protect them in plastic storage bins with lids. These containers are durable, easy to stack, and give you a way to see the contents without having to open the lid. They’re inexpensive and come in numerous sizes to store small appliances and other kitchen items with ease.

Use Storage Units for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Whether you’re mastering your own kitchen or preparing to cook professionally, nothing beats having the space in which to bake your way to success. Pack up your lesser-used kitchen items, and bring them to Access Self Storage in Bernardsville, NJ. We have storage units of all sizes to keep your appliances and utensils secured while giving you space at home to cook freely.

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