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Make Your Home Cozy and Clutter-Free with Hygge

It's not hard to imagine why the concept of hygge is so appealing, both to the Scandinavians who invented it and the rest of us who have embraced it. After all, the Norwegian -- or, more specifically, Danish -- word loosely translates to “quiet comfort”. Who couldn't use a little of that in these unprecedented times?


What Is Hygge?

Hygge is whatever it means to you. Your idea of comfort might be watching TV with your dog while wearing fuzzy slippers. To your best friend, it’s going for a walk alone on a late summer evening. More likely, it isn’t one specific thing; hygge moments often happen unexpectedly. They’re usually simple and unplanned, and they often take place with your favorite people or pets.

How to Create a Hygge Home

Whether you’re a homebody or just need to escape to your comfort zone once in a while, you might be wondering how to achieve hygge decor. While many companies have tried to capitalize on the trend by selling hygge living room and bedroom items, there is no single, prescribed way to get that hygge feeling at home. Chunky knit blankets, understated colors, fluffy throw pillows and soft candlelight epitomize the look for many. In reality, hygge decor consists of whatever it takes to give you that quietly content feeling in your living space. The movement in general, though, reflects the soft, modern warmth of the famously uncomplicated Scandinavian style.

Set the Stage with a Clutter-Free Home

While you can’t follow a blueprint for the perfect hygge bedroom or living room, you can make the concept your own. It all starts with a clean, uncluttered home. Don’t be intimidated, though; take a relaxed approach to the project in true hygge style. Begin by pouring your favorite beverage and playing whatever music gets you in the mood to organize. Enjoy the process of deciding which belongings still make you happy — and which ones would make someone else happy. Plan to immediately haul away anything you’ll donate or put in winter storage. Sell the rest, or host an exchange with friends.

Clean the Hygge Way

Young guy enjoying housekeeping using vaccuum cleaner and listening to music

You can scrub away the dirt and germs any old way you want, of course. But a hygge home is one that’s clean without smelling of harsh chemicals. Here are some methods to getting an immaculate home the laid-back Scandi way:

  • Start with your favorite music to get you in a positive mood.
  • Move at your own pace and don’t feel rushed or stressed by a certain deadline.
  • Choose organic or DIY cleaners.
  • Avoid chemicals that leave behind strong smells or are harsh for you and your environment.

Whether your home needs a routine cleaning or something a little more intense, you’ll love the feeling of relaxing in a perfectly clean environment. Now you can set the stage for some next-level hygge living.

Get Some Hygge Inspiration

Whether you get your design inspo from social media, magazines, or exploring your surroundings, take your time and enjoy the process. You might be in a hurry to go out and grab instant hygge decor, but you’ll have better luck achieving the look and feel you want with a more relaxed approach. When something catches your eye, consider its physical texture and how it will fit into your living space. Start with key pieces, or just pick up items as they strike your fancy.

Let There Be Light

Although there are no hard-and-fast hygge home rules, candles seem to make an appearance in every hygge living room featured on design sites. It’s easy to see why. The fireplace is the ultimate hygge accessory, but not everyone is lucky enough to have one. Anyone can get their hands on a few candles, and they require no skill or know-how to use. Like a fireplace, a few candles create instant ambiance and a soft glow that embodies the relaxed happiness of hygge. Swapping out fluorescent or brighter bulbs for softer, warmer incandescent ones provides a noticeable everyday difference.

Hygge Decor – Just in Time for Winter

living room with sofa and interior details

Although you can enjoy hygge experiences any time and in any weather, the concept was born as a reaction to frigid Scandinavian winters. That’s why it calls to mind thick throw blankets, fuzzy socks, a roaring fire, and a cup of something hot. If you tend to think of textured or rustic surfaces and warm fabrics, this might be a good time to stash your lacquered end tables and light summer blankets in winter storage. By putting away anything that doesn’t give you that hygge feeling in a climate controlled unit, you’ll easily make room for thick rugs and heavy comforters that’ll serve you that zen you’re seeking.

Embrace Your Hygge

Now that you’ve crafted your own version of a hygge home, have fun exploring different aspects of hygge living. Whether that means trying out some Scandinavian recipes, reading up on the history of hygge, or crafting specific scenarios to help you get that warm-and-cozy feeling, you’ll learn more about what truly makes you feel good. And that can never be a bad thing. Who knows — maybe you’ll inspire others to embrace the lifestyle!

From designing a hygge living room one piece at a time to filling your hygge home with the aromas of classic Danish cuisine, you can’t go wrong trying to live a more quietly happy life. Start your Hygge journey with a winter storage unit that can be used to hold the old decor that doesn’t give you the Hygge feeling you’re searching for. Access Self Storage offers secure and affordable storage solutions with conveniently located facilities in New Jersey and New York. Visit an Access Self Storage facility near you or reserve a storage unit online now!

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