Enough Space to Eat: A Guide to Tidying Up Your Dining Room

If you’re like other people in Long Island City, NY, you treat your dining table like your office desk: a place to store your clutter. It’s easy to litter your table with mail, jackets, and other items and then struggle to eat with everything in the way – especially if you have a small apartment in the Queens borough of New York City. Access Self Storage has a few tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to cut down on the disorder and organize your dining room.

3 Tips for Organizing Your Dining Room

Create a new space for mail.

Bringing the mail inside and placing it on the dining table becomes second nature after doing it for so long. Instead of using the table as a mail organizer, get something that was made for the job: a mail holder. By investing in small mail holders that sit on the edge of a counter or hang on the wall, you can get your mail off the table for good – and break the bad habit of putting it on the dining table.

Use storage bins for clothing.

When you or your children come indoors, don’t toss the jackets, coats, and hats on the dining table. Instead, hang them on convenient racks beside the door. An inexpensive floor rack or even a custom shelf with hooks by the door will help you keep your clothing organized right where you need it.

Only keep what you plan to use.

If you’re guilty of collecting knickknacks and putting them on display in the dining room, you could be wasting valuable space for what’s really important. Even fancy china that you only use once a year would be better suited for a storage bin until you need it. Be space-conscious about your dining room, keeping what you need and relocating seldom-used items to a storage space.

Self Storage for a Tidy Dining Space

Don’t do to your dining room what many others in Long Island City, NY do to theirs. Storage units are the perfect solution for decluttering your dining room and gaining back extra space. You can choose a smaller unit that’s about the size of a closet to store unused items and keep them out of your way. Contact us today, and we’ll help you pick one of many affordable storage units to save you space and money.