Our exciting new partnership

Access Self Storage is excited to announce our partnership with Greenspot Dropoff, an e-waste recycling company. Greenspot Dropoff are working together to provide a free and convenient e-waste recycling solution to residents of New Jersey.


E-waste isn’t allowed in regular trash and many states have passed strict legislation on the proper disposal of these items. But it is more than just legal, it is the green thing to do! All you need to do is drop off your electronic recycling at any participating Access location.


Greenspot helps you recycle your old computers, computer monitors, televisions (restrictions apply), laptops, flat screens, DVD players, keyboards, computer mice, and most other electronics. Best of all it’s FREE!


A good rule to follow when determining an item’s eligibility for recycling is:

  1. Can you plug it in?
  2. Does it have circuitry?
  3. Is it not an appliance?

If you can answer yes to all three questions, the Greenspot has the capability to recycle it. You can go the Greenspot website and find a list of what is accepted. Just go on their website and click on what we recycle.


Items that are not accepted include car batteries, light bulbs, paint and appliances.


Please contact your local Access office to see if they are participating in this program. (not available in New York)