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Can I Use Self Storage without Storage Insurance?

If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring. Access Self Storage has operated by that mantra since our inception. Think you’re in the clear because you already have a homeowner’s insurance policy? Not so fast. Two major misconceptions that our customers have regarding insurance and self storage include: The self storage facility insures items in its storage units. Homeowners or renters policies will automatically cover the items in storage. Both couldn’t be more wrong!

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Are My Stored Items Automatically Insured?

Short answer: No.

A self storage facility is nothing more than what it claims to be: self storage space. While we rent the space for our tenants to place their items into storage units, our facility is not responsible for personal property stored there; we do not make an itemized inventory of what is in each unit, nor can we assess the value of the items.

Rather, it is a type of landlord/renter relationship, much like when you rent an apartment or house. Therefore, it is the tenant’s responsibility to insure their own belongings through our Self Storage Tenant Insurance Program or another comparable insurance provider.

What Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover?

It’s likely that you already have a homeowners or renters insurance policy that covers personal property, but it does not necessarily insure property kept off-site at a self storage facility. You should contact your insurance agent to confirm whether your current policy will cover the property you store at our facility and ask about applicable policy deductibles and exclusions. Employees of our storage facility are not qualified or authorized to evaluate the adequacy of insurance provided by your homeowners or renters policy.

Why Do I Need Insurance Coverage with a Storage Unit?

As with other forms of property insurance, self storage tenant insurance is intended to cover what you put inside your storage unit in the event of damage or loss. Furthermore, Access Self Storage requires customers to maintain insurance coverage over their stored items—whether it’s through our Tenant Insurance Program or another provider. Below are just a few specific reasons why tenant insurance is important.

Safeguard Sentimental or Valuable Items

No matter where you keep your sensitive or expensive items like jewelry, musical equipment, or inherited possessions, there’s a risk of something happening to them. Before you store your stuff away and assume it’s covered by insurance, make sure to double-check with your insurance provider, as some highly valuable items may require a separate policy.

Protect Against Theft

Despite our storage facilities’ range of advanced security features, a burglary is always a possibility. Self storage insurance can help soften the blow of such an occurrence and replace any stolen items.

Natural Disasters or Unfavorable Weather

Sadly, natural disasters are an ever-present threat—even to the east coast—and have brought great destruction and loss to our communities. Mother Nature is a powerful and unpredictable force, which is why it’s always your best bet to ensure you’re insured against these events.

How Do I Get Self Storage Insurance?

If your personal insurance policy does not cover stored property, we can help satisfy your lease obligations through our insurance provider, Xercor Insurance Services. Our program offers three levels of coverage limits: $3,000, $4,000, or $5,000, with monthly premiums of $12, $14, or $16, respectively. It’s a simple policy specifically designed for self storage, and the premium is paid along with your monthly rent.

At Access, Your Possessions Are Our Priority

The cost of insuring the items in your storage unit is minimal, but the peace of mind knowing they’re protected is worth so much more. Access Self Storage requires up-to-date insurance policies for all tenants in case of circumstances that leave their belongings damaged or lost. Have questions or concerns? Read the full details of our Tenant Insurance Program, contact us today, or reserve a self storage unit near you to get started!

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