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How Self Storage Can Help Your Rental Property Business

If you own any rental property, chances are you’re aware of how difficult it can be to make everything work just right, all the time. You need to make sure all the maintenance is up to speed, housekeeping is done between guests, and the furnishings are in good repair, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a lot, and no one would blame you for having a hard time keeping it all organized.

Storage Tips

All of that is true if you only have one property, not to mention the compounding stress of owning and renting out several. Fortunately, Access Self Storage is here to help. We’ve compiled several ways you can make the most of a self-storage unit to curb the stress of a rental property business and help yourself grow without the growing pains.

Lawn Equipment and Cleaning Supplies Storage

a wheel barrel full of various garden equipment including a shovel, rake, and shrub trimmers.

Owning a property, whether you’re renting it out or not, comes with upkeep and maintenance. From chemicals, towels, rags, paper products, and other supplies required to keep your rental clean to lawn equipment and machines to manicure the yard, it’s likely that you’ll need a place to store it all. A 5×5 storage unit is great for storing all of your maintenance supplies including lawnmowers, weed whackers, sheers, rakes, salt spreaders for the sidewalk, and more.

Furniture Storage

There are a number of ways that furniture storage can serve you well as the owner of a rental property business. For instance, there may be times when you need to swap furniture between different rental properties to keep them new, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing. A storage unit is helpful for storing the furniture you’re not using at the moment. There might also be a time when you may need to complete renovations. Renting a storage unit will make it easy for you to temporarily hold furniture and large appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers.

Furniture storage also helps in emergency situations where should a flood or pest issue arise, you want the house to be empty so you can address the problem without accidentally ruining any of your belongings. In the case of a pest issue, it’s worth noting that certain types of furniture like couches and other upholstery might play host to the pests you’re trying to eliminate. In this case, consult with a professional about whether you should leave the furniture during a fumigation process.

Home Staging

a modern dining room and kitchen in a rental property

You may not necessarily be a realtor or sales agent, but there’s a lot of merit behind framing your rental property in the most attractive light possible. While you of course don’t want to make any fundamental changes, or too many minor changes (to do so could compromise the integrity of the rental process and you may be accused of falsely representing your sale), it’s normal to reorganize things for elegant social media images and posting to market websites. This can involve temporarily adding or taking away books, photographs, mirrors, and even some smaller furniture, all of which can be quickly transported to a storage unit and returned once you’ve finished.

How Access Self Storage Makes Things Easy For Homeowners

Whether you participate in the Airbnb market or a similar temporary location market, or you prefer renting out to long-term tenants, a storage unit can provide many benefits to take some stress off your plate.

Access Self Storage wants to help facilitate a faster, easier lifestyle for you, both personally and professionally. Occupying the Eastern United States, we have locations throughout Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. It’s our goal to provide a variety of business storage options to suit your needs. With self storage the size of a closet, all the way up to a large garage (and at some locations, a literal garage if you’d benefit from enclosed vehicle storage), we’ve prepared ourselves to accommodate any amount of belongings, no matter the size.

We employ top of the line security technology and practices at all our facilities. From 24-hour video surveillance to individual locks on each unit, we’ve taken every step to ensure you are confident your belongings are in good hands. Find an Access Self Storage location near you to keep your vacation rental business flowing today.

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