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Creating a Winter Wonderland With Outdoor Decor

Winter decorations can warm your home even after Christmas ends. Here’s how to create a winter wonderland (and how to store it when the season is over).

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Winter is a great time to get into outdoor home décor during and after the holidays. Whether you want to go all out with holiday décor or add a few touches of winter style to your home’s exterior in the new year, Access Self Storage can help! We have tips for upgrading your outdoor décor and for storing your decorations when the season is over.

Choosing Outdoor Winter Decorations for Your Home

Ready to get some winter decorations but not sure where to start? Think about the space available in your front lawn, backyard, or garden areas, and consider decorating areas that might look empty or drab without your usual summer decorations or landscaping. From there, you’ll know the size of decorations you’re looking for and can browse online and at local stores accordingly.

While you’re looking for winter décor, think about decorations that will compliment the color and style of your home and landscaping. If you want outdoor lighting, consider where your outdoor power outlets are located and ensure you can plug in all your lights.

As you choose your lights, think about the color of lights you want around your home beforehand to keep them coordinated. Even if you stick with white lights, check they are all the same tone—mixing warm- and cool-toned white lights could look mismatched.

Consider DIY Outdoor Decor Touches

If you’re not quite ready to go on a full-fledged shopping spree for new furniture or decorations for your home, there are plenty of budget-friendly décor options. You can add some flare to your landscaping without breaking the bank by adding a few extra touches around your home’s exterior and repurposing old decorations.

Use Small String Lights To Add Winter Flare to Fences and Bushes

Even if you decide not to light your entire house, you can still decorate your bushes, small trees, fences, handrails, or lamp posts with lights. This way, you can add sparkle to your lawn without worrying too much about added electricity costs. You can even get a few inexpensive solar-powered light features for a low-maintenance lighting option.

Accessorize Existing Decor and Essentials

Another way to inexpensively bring winter radiance to your outdoor décor is to add a few accessories to your existing décor or furniture. Simply add a few festive bows around your front porch and mailbox, or put winter-themed cushions on your outdoor furniture to make your home look ready for winter without a hassle.

If you want to make things festive for the holidays, you can add some fun touches to any lawn sculptures or similar items you already have out. For instance, deck out your garden gnomes as Santa and his elves. Fortunately, most of the supplies for these ideas are inexpensive and easy to find at craft stores, so you can get creative without breaking the bank.

Organizing and Storing Seasonal Home Decor

When storing seasonal décor, taking extra time to keep things organized can save you a lot of hassle next time. Carefully pack your items in sealed containers and label them so you know where everything is next year. As you buy new home décor, especially large items, keep the original boxes and packaging materials so you can have packing supplies on hand when the season ends.

How To Store Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations After the Holidays

If you have seasonal lawn ornaments or even just a few large outdoor Christmas or holiday decorations to stash away during the offseason, you might need more storage space. If reorganization isn’t enough to make the space you need, don’t worry! You can find more room for your décor and belongings by renting a personal storage unit.

Self storage units are generally available in a range of sizes, so you can affordably rent a storage space with the room you need for all your décor, plus any other items you want to clear out of your home or garage. If you opt for this option, you’ll want to keep your storage unit organized and boxes labeled. You may also want to organize your storage unit by season and rotate items around so next season’s décor is ready at the front of your unit.

Renting Storage Space for Your Decor With Access Self Storage

When you need more space for home décor, come to Access Self Storage. We offer a range of storage unit sizes and features so you can find the perfect supplement to the storage you have at home. To get started, find an Access Self Storage facility near you and rent or reserve your unit online!

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