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A Retail Storage Guide for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is upon us once again, and it’s time for retailers everywhere to load up on inventory and get ready for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Massive chain retailers and smaller retail shops in Oakland, NJ see a surge in sales during the holidays; Access Self Storage wants to help business owners prepare this shopping season.

Manage Overstock

Some businesses stock up on inventory for the holiday season as early as September. But fuller and fuller truck loads mean that floor space and back stock gets tight. While an overcrowded storefront is discouraged to bolster sales and reduce theft, extra inventory has to go somewhere until it’s placed on the shelves. Even the largest of stock rooms can get cluttered as more boxes start piling up in preparation for the holidays. With business storage, you can avoid unnecessary clutter and keep better control of new inventory.

Maintain Seasonal Fixtures

Retail stock isn’t the only thing taking up space in stores across Oakland, NJ during the holidays. Seasonal fixtures and decorations start coming in early, not to mention all the signage that announces new sales and incoming holiday items. Self storage is ideal for store-use items as it gives you an organized spot for temporary items that you don’t need right away, or want to use next year.

Business Storage Tips for the Holidays

Self storage is a great way to keep your retail business running smoothly, but follow these tips for even more efficiency.

  • Select a storage facility that’s close to your location for quick access to your inventory at all times.
  • Pick a storage unit size that best accommodates your inventory. You can upgrade to a larger unit or downgrade to something smaller when it’s time.
  • Bring in shelves to organize your inventory and to mimic the layout of your stock room.
  • Organize your inventory along the walls to give yourself walking space and access to everything you need.

Self Storage for Businesses in Oakland, NJ

You don’t have to deal with a cluttered stock room this holiday season. Visit us at 21 Raritan Road in Oakland to view our affordable storage units. We’re conveniently located near Coppertree Mall, making it easy to take out or add new inventory as necessary.