Tips for Storing Your Boat For Winter

One of the least pleasant activities for most boat owners is preparing their toy for winter storage. When the boating season has passed and you're ready to say goodbye to your boat until spring rolls around, self storage is an easy solution for keeping your boat in pristine condition. Your boat is likely your most valuable recreational asset and it deserves special attention. Proper storage is important not only to protect your boat and ensure another great season on the water next year, but also because many insurance policies do not cover damage due to neglect or improper maintenance -- including poor storage.

You'll want to take the following steps to make sure you don't open your storage unit in a few months to find your boat has rusted or become distorted.


1. Get started early

It's important to start preparing your boat for storage before the first freeze. All it takes is a single good freeze and your boat can sustain serious damage. Thinking ahead, make sure you get all maintenance and repairs done ahead of time so the damage doesn't get worse during storage. Be sure to check your propeller, apply grease, and change your oil before putting your boat away for the year.


2. Clean your boat thoroughly

Once you haul your boat out of the water, remove the bilge drain plug and give the hull and decks a good scrubbing. Use fresh water to remove the build-up of salt on the exterior, which will corrode hardware, fasteners, and even your gelcoat. Give your boat enough time to dry out before you put it into storage.


3. Prepare the engine

The last thing you want is taking your boat out of storage and anticipating a day on the water, only to deal with unexpected engine problems. To solve this, make sure you top off your gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer to reduce condensation. Run the engine for 10-15 minutes to distribute the additives. It's also a good idea to change the oil and replace the filters before you put your boat in storage in Little Ferry.


4. Take care of last-minute preparations

Once your boat is secure in the storage facility, take the time to remove the drive belts. When they are kept under tension for a long time, they can crack. You should also disconnect your battery and top it off with distilled water, then grease the steering mechanism for smooth movement when you're ready to hit the water again. Seal all exhaust ports to keep pests out, then take care of the interior. Remove fabric and leather, when possible, to avoid mildew.


Remember that the winter off season can be very hard on your boat. Long periods of inactivity can accelerate wear and tear and cause more problems next year. Take the time to prepare your boat for storage by choosing the right Little Ferry storage facility and taking steps to avoid corrosion, engine problems and other consequences of deferred maintenance.


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