Benefit From Our Experience With Movers

Movers come and go. They also are in and out of our storage centers everyday.
We can recommend moving help - just labor or full service.

Tips if you are using a mover:

  • Show the mover everything to be moved for the estimate of charges
  • Ask what additional charges may be added
  • Ask about insurance
  • Allow for possible delay. Movers can’t always tell how long the prior move will take.

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Free Truck Rental

Use our truck free to move in. Our trucks are clean and easy to use. All have

  • A ramp for easy loading
  • Automatic transmission
  • Air conditioning

No special driver’s license is needed. Truck use is FREE for 4 hours and 30 miles for new customers. Gas is included. Available at most locations. You purchase insurance to limit liability in the event of damage. A credit card deposit is required. Use our moving  equipment – dollies, handtrucks, rolling carts. Free, of course. We can recommend moving labor if you need it. CONTACT Storage Center to check availability >>

How much will the truck hold?

Our trucks will typically carry the contents of a 10’ x 10’ storage room. For a larger room, you may have to make multiple trips.

THE ACCESS SIZE & BOX GUIDE shows what size vehicles are typically needed to carry the contents of each standard size room. Click here>>

Tips for loading a truck

  • Load one-quarter of the truck at a time and tie down each quarter.
  • Appliances and heaviest items go in first.
  • Mattresses and table tops fit well along the sides. 
  • Use plenty of blankets or cardboard to protect the furniture.
  • Mirrors ride well placed between mattress and box spring.
  • Bend your knees when lifting heavy objects.
  • Pull hand truck up the ramp (don’t push), so you are always higher on the ramp than the loaded hand truck.

Insurance for your items in transit

The same insurance that covers your property while it is in your storage room will cover your property in transit to and from the storage center, as long as you buy it before you move your property. Be sure to keep the payments up to date so that you have this coverage when you leave.