Tips to Stage Your Home for Sale

Staging your home can give you the edge you need to stand out from the competition. When done correctly, it can mean the difference between your home languishing on the market and selling fast. Staging a home means preparing it for sale so that potential buyers can picture themselves in your home. There are several good reasons to consider staging:

  • Get a higher sales price. Staged homes sell for 6% more than asking price, according to a Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey. Further, the International Association of Home Staging Professionals found that staged homes sell for 17% more than homes that aren’t staged.
  • Your home will sell faster. A staged home sells 79 days sooner than a non-staged home, on average.
  • Your online marketing photos will stand out.
  • You get your money back. Investing 1-3% of your home’s asking price in staging will generate 8-10% return on revenue.

As you prepare to stage your home, self storage can become your greatest asset. There are several ways a storage unit can help you organize your home, declutter, and strategically stage each room to get the maximum value for your home.



Remove the Clutter


While home staging involves many components, there is nothing more important than removing clutter. Start your home staging process by going room to room, removing clutter, collections, photos, books, knickknacks, and extra furniture. Do not just put these items in boxes in your garage or closet, as potential buyers will see these cluttered storage areas as a sign that your home has too little storage. Instead, consider renting a storage unit to store your items until you move into your new home.




Designate a Function


After you remove as much clutter as possible from your home, the next step is designating a specific function to each room. Potential buyers should not be left guessing as to the purpose of a room. Is it a bedroom or an office? Is it a fitness room or a craft room? Make it clear.




Go Neutral


Once every space is decluttered and assigned a purpose, make an effort to make your home neutral. This helps potential buyers focus on your home’s features and imagine their own belongings in your space instead of getting hung up on the color of the walls. Avoid any gender-specific items or shades, use neutral paint, remove wallpaper, and even consider replacing flooring if it is very specific to your tastes.




Show Off the Storage Space


Keep in mind that storage space is at the top of the list for most buyers. Use your rented storage unit to store anything you do not need so that you can show off the storage your home has to offer. After all, potential buyers will be looking through your closets, cabinetry, and basement. If your closets are cramped and there are toys underfoot, it will make your home look small. A self-storage facility allows you to store unnecessary appliances, out-of-season clothing, furniture, and anything else you will not need for a few months so that your home’s best features can shine through.



Access Self Storage has convenient locations throughout New Jersey and New York, and serves surrounding areas such as Wayne, Haledon, Oakland and many others. If you’re looking to stage your home for sale and could use storage space, see which location is closest to you by visiting this page.